Releases Edit

v1.22 (tentative release - TBD) Edit

Future Enhancements Edit

  1. Shortcut to Final Tenjin near the beginning of a New Game+ that lets you fight all 8 wraiths consecutively followed by Tenjin. Also allows you to grind normal Tenjin.
  2. Skill modifications to buff some that are rarely used
  3. Combining system for maxed Shards. Can combine multiple max leveled Shards to get stronger ones. Example: Combining two ATK Spikes with +24% attack will make one ATK Spike+ that gives up to 40% attack.
  4. Add elemental affinities to stats menu
  5. Make a better menu for Clera's sidequests. Organize into easy/medium/hard so it's more obvious which ones to do first.
  6. Party setup saving (equipment/shards) in the Formation menu. Allow them to save up to 5 different parties. Replace the "Revert" and "Done" options with "Save Favorite" and "Load Favorite".
  7. When looking at items in the Crafting tab of item list instead of showing the blank hp heal/effects sections change it to show text of "Location: Blobs, Sandia Jara"