The Spot is a location on a hilltop overlooking the town of Ellea. The ledge near the top is the subject of many scenes throughout the game.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow. Continue at your own risk.

At the beginning of Forever Home's story, a small leaf lands on the hilltop. This leaf contains the last remaining power of the Spirit of Life which is used to create Enda, the next life spirit. She takes the form of a young girl, roughly 5 years of age. That same day, Xero's Mother comes to the hill and finds Enda. Later, Xero and Enda begin hanging around the hilltop daily. They started calling it "The Spot". A year later, Xero's father Garin helps build a small fort on the hillside overlooking Ellea.
The Spot is revisited several times throughout the game. Xero and Enda are at the spot when Ellea is first destroyed. They return some time later before heading to Atlantia to find Garin and Slash. They return one last time during Enda's revival after the Aquadome II is destroyed and after she vanishes over the Dome engine gears.
In the game prologue, Xero and Enda travel back in time thousands of years to The Spot before most of modern civilization begins. They change into the red and green Trees of Life and wait for years until finally the world is destroyed by Barclyss. They release all their power across the planet and revive those killed by the destruction. The game ends with them dreaming of bringing their own child to The Spot.