SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow. Continue at your own risk.

Year Event
1053 The first voyagers from Tren land on Auria and build a settlement named Sandia Jara.
1129 The Clysm Steppe War begins between Heyama and Tren.
1139 The Clysm Steppe War ends with an armistice between Heyama and Tren.
1244 Slash is born in Lethbridge.
1251 Garin is born in Ellea.
1260 Barclyss is born in Lethbridge.
1262 Political differences create strife between Auria and Tren.
1271 Dome technology achieves first successful firing tests.
1272 Minake passes away.
1274 Slash joins the Resistance, changes his name from Bradley to Slash.
1276 Barclyss joins the Resistance but is soon removed.
1277 Pearson Jerolds is assassinated. The War of Nations begins.
1278 Nations of Charitine and Heyama announce their opposition to the war and declare neutrality. The Blaze army is established. Garin joins Blaze as a strategist.
1279 The first major battle of the war takes place near the shores of Sandia Jara.
1280 The Front Lines is established on a continent between Tren and Auria. A military base in north-central Auria is converted into the Blaze Headquarters.
1282 Xero is born. The Battle of the Barotian Plains takes place just north of Atlantia. Construction begins on the Maple Fort military base.
1283 The Judgment Faction is created with a small set of specialized Tren forces. Barclyss joins.
1285 Blaze troops begin building Fort Shaul off the coast of the Tren mainland. The Battle at Grimsley Mountain takes place near the town of Barre.
1288 The Spirit of Life fades. Enda is found at The Spot by Xero's mother.
1292 Barclyss is promoted to general and takes over control of The Judgment Faction.
1295 Garin is promoted to general and oversees the completion of Fort Shaul.
1298 Fort Shaul is overrun by Tren army. Garin is killed.
1300 Parelin is partially destroyed by The Judgment Faction.
1301 - 1st half Ellea is destroyed by The Judgment Faction. Atlantia is attacked with new aquatic Dome technology known as the Aquadome. Parelin is attacked by The Judgment Faction again.
1301 - 2nd half Glarefrost is attacked by The Judgment Faction. Heyama is attacked by The Judgment Faction. Tren teams with Auria to defeat General Barclyss at the Battle at Cataclysm Fortress. The Judgment Faction is disbanded. Affliction launches into orbit.
1302 Affliction devastates most of the planet and then is destroyed. Enda and Xero sacrifice themselves by traveling back to circa 1000 and changing into the Trees of Life. All souls consumed by Barclyss and the Abyss Prism are returned to life.
1305 (Alternate future) Xero comes down from Affliction to see the devastated planet. He travels with Slash, Kina, and Garin across continents to Cataclysm fortress where Asera has set up a lab. Their goal is to bring the Stones of Reformation to Asera so they can be activated and potentially restore the planet. Kina is killed during the trip. At the lab, Asera cannot activate the stones and then is killed along with Slash and Garin. Xero escapes and uses his power to travel back through time to the year 1301 just before Ellea is destroyed. As the "Guide" he is able to communicate with Xero from the past.