Minake face graphic by Kiyoto Kaduki.
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Hometown Lethbridge
Age 27 (when first introduced)
Gender Female
Main Prism Torrent (water)



Minake is Slash's wife. She was born in the town of Lethbridge on the Tren continent. Her parents emigrated from the Kingdom of Heyama.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow. Continue at your own risk.

After the war between Auria and Tren began, Slash and Minake left Lethbridge and moved east to a small island. Soon after, Slash decides to move back to Lethbridge to join the Resistance. Minake pleads for him to stay but he refuses. On Slash's departure, Minake hangs herself.

Several years later Slash is killed after the final battle with Barclyss, Slash is given an opportunity of revival from Enda, but ultimately chooses to stay with Minake in the afterlife.