Summary Edit

Fort Shaul on the continent of Roccaraso is available after the events near Teyton. It contains a dungeon, a story scene, and a supplies area with a Shard shop and equipment.

After the story events, the supplies area contains the items listed here.

Dungeon Area Treasure Map Edit

Fort Shaul 2
Fort Shaul 1
  1. Penrose
  2. Fissure
  3. Salve
  4. Everlasting Destiny
  5. Ray Ring

The 3 red circles are the switches. All 3 need to be hit before the paths north will open.

The red arrow on the right side goes to the optional boss Pib which only becomes available after sidequests begin near the end of the game.

Sneaking Area (Enda/Throg) Edit

Fort Shaul Sneaking 1
Fort Shaul Sneaking 2

In the area with Tren soldiers walking around you have to avoid the sight cones and stay out of their vision. Enter the two doors marked with red arrows for treasures. Leave to the upper right afterwards.

In the next map you have to use Throg to push the soldier out the window marked with a red circle. Get the soldier to follow you up close to the window and then Throg will automatically push him out.