A Dome is a weapon of war conceived in the year 1238. Its original design was based on that of a large Derranger. The first successful firing tests occurred in 1271, just before the War of Nations began. They are huge hemispherical fortresses with a single large magic-energy cannon protruding from the front. They typically stand around fifty feet high and can house hundreds of soldiers and cargo, but sizes vary. Domes equipped with a tread or thruster system are capable of movement on land or water respectively.

Operation Edit

The control room of a Dome consists of a magic powered targeting system and five standing pillars called Casting Points. In order to discharge the cannon, five soldiers must each cast a level 2 fire spell (or greater) into their respective casting point in sequence. Each point must be activated within one second of the last. Once all points are activated, a black orb called a Powder Shell is pumped full of Dome Powder from the fuel chamber below. The shell ignites from the five fire spells, heating the Dome Powder. The powder is then released into the cannon launch chamber where it is discharged at approximately 1400 mph by the energy of the shard engine. After firing, workers in the engine room must refill the fuel chamber with Dome Powder. This reloading procedure can take up to ten minutes depending on the speed of the work crew.

Dome Types Edit

Each Dome is equipped with an engine slotted for magical shards. The shard's element type determines the Dome's color. This is due to the magic-infused metallic material from which Domes are created. All Domes are originally grayish in color until the shard engine is installed and warps the natural frequencies of the metal. Other than color, a Dome's type has little relevance. Most often the shard chosen for the engine is simply based on magical output and availability.

List of Domes Edit

Name/Location Type Notes
Maple Fort Wind Used in the defense of Atlantia and again during the Battle at Cataclysm Fortress.
Atlantia Fire Destroyed during the attack on Atlantia.
Glarefrost Earth Acquired via Tren near Newport. Equipped with heavy treads.
Aquadome I Water Used in the attack on Atlantia. Equipped with a flotation base and thrusters.
Aquadome II Water Used in the attack on Heyama. Equipped with a flotation base and thrusters.
Blizzard Dome Ice Used in the attack on Glarefrost. Equipped with heavy treads.
Cataclysm Left Fire
Cataclysm Right Fire
Affliction Dark Launched into space after Battle at Cataclysm Fortress. Equipped with gravite thrusters and is sealed airtight.

Other Information Edit

Most newer Domes created after the year 1298 are equipped with Communication Shards. These shards convert vocal waves into light which are then transferred to other nearby communication shards.

Domes are built such that five people are required to cast fire all at once for the Dome Powder to ignite properly. Some very talented and experienced soldiers can handle multiple casting points, but it is a rare skill.