Items, minerals, equipment, and Rays can be combined together to form rare items. Minerals are bought from Craft Shops or found in dungeons. Other materials are dropped by specific monsters. Crafting must be done on a craft bench in the Craft Shop or using the portable Craft Bench item.

Crafting Books Edit

Gourmet Recipes Edit

Received in Ellea during once of the first story events..

Name Info Ingredients

Refined Materials Edit

Found in a chest on Sandra's Ship or at the Glarefrost main hall if you missed it.

Name Info Ingredients

Compounds Edit

Received in Atlantia during the story events with Asera.

Name Info Ingredients

Elemental Powders Edit

Found at the Signey Cay optional dungeon on the raft to Tren.

Name Info Ingredients

Devices: Simple Edit

Found in Atlantia craft shop.

Name Info Ingredients

Devices: Modifiers Edit

Received in Heyama after winning the Stadium Singles battle #5.

Name Info Ingredients

Devices: Warfare Edit

Found at the Decale Desert exit map partially hidden behind a rock.

Name Info Ingredients

 ??? Blueprints Edit

Found in the Research Lab in Sandia Jara during Asera's side story.

Name Info Ingredients
Crescent Nova Allows Asera to learn the skill Crescent Nova Screws x10

Empty Bottle x3

Refined Wire x2

Refined Wing x2

Penrose x2

Equipment I Edit

Book found at the Old Man's House accessible as soon as you can reach the World Map.

Name Info Ingredients
Light Vest
Tin Helmet
Iron Plate
Ellea Garb
Falling Ashes ATK+123, DEF+10, MDEF+10, AGI+10, TP Charge Rate x1.2

Slash Only

Broken Hammer x1

Ashes x5

Penrose x1

Golden Ashes x1


Equipment II Edit

Book found in a house in Blue Creek on the Tren continent..

Name Info Ingredients

Equipment III Edit

Book found in a house in Newport (or in Glarefrost if you missed it)..

Name Info Ingredients

Junk Edit

Received in Lanariko village after arriving on the continent of Heyama...

Name Info Ingredients

Mineral Locations By Type Edit

Ankerite Edit

Item ankerite

Mineral with a metallic fire lustre.

Buy Ellea, Signey Town, Lethbridge, Colrain, Heyama, Ellea (late-game)
Found Saltwater Tunnel
Used For

Braunite Edit

Item braunite

Mineral with a glossy light lustre.

Buy Blue Creek, Barre, Heyama, Ellea (late-game)
Found Barotian Crossing 1
Used For

Corundum Edit

Item corundum

Mineral with a silky water lustre.

Buy Signey Town, Blue Creek, Lethbridge, Camdren, Ellea (late-game)
Found Saltwater Tunnel 7
Used For

Diaspore Edit

Item diaspore

Mineral with a sharp lightning lustre.

Buy Ellea, Sandia Jara, Colrain, Heyama, Ellea (late-game)
Found Valley of Carnon (first cave)
Used For

Edenite Edit

Item edenite

Mineral with a cloudy dark lustre.

Buy Blaze HQ, Sandia Jara, Atlantia, Colrain, Teyton, Ellea (late-game)
Found Denizen Cave 6, The Rensets (cave)
Used For

Feldspar Edit

Item feldspar

Mineral with a grainy earth lustre.

Buy Atlantia, Teyton, Glarefrost, Ellea (late-game)
Found Slant Cave
Used For

Gypsum Edit

Item gypsum

Mineral with a vitreous ice lustre.

Buy Blaze HQ, Sandia Jara, Colrain, Glarefrost, Newport, Ellea (late-game)
Found Vallate Underpass 3, Central Charitine Pass 3
Used For

Hypersthene Edit

Item hypersthene

A mineral with a pearly wind lustre.

Buy Barre, Colrain, Camdren, Newport, Heyama, Ellea (late-game)
Found Rensa Fields (second area)
Used For

Mineral Locations By Shop Edit

Ellea Ankerite, Diaspore
Ellea (late-game) All
Blaze HQ Edenite, Gypsum
Sandia Jara Diaspore, Edenite, Gypsum
Atlantia Edenite, Feldspar
Blue Creek Braunite, Corundum
Barre Braunite, Hypersthene
Lethbridge Ankerite, Corundum
Colrain Ankerite, Diaspore, Edenite, Gypsum, Hypersthene
Camdren Corundum, Hypersthene
Glarefrost Feldspar, Gypsum
Newport Gypsum, Hypersthene
Teyton Edenite, Feldspar
Heyama City Ankerite, Braunite, Diaspore, Hypersthene