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Forever Home takes place in a world caught amidst warring nations. The nation of Tren has been in conflict with the nation of Auria for nearly two decades, though no battles have occurred in several years. Auria is fighting for political independence from Tren.

One hundred years before the war began, voyagers from Tren established a settlement on the uninhabited continent of Auria. The original settlement is now known as Sandia Jara. Over several decades the residents, as well as many voyagers from the northern continent of Charitine, expanded across all of Auria creating several towns, commerce, and a rudimentary system of government. The leaders of Tren and Auria could not agree on a common political system which forced a rift between the nations. After years of disagreements, the nation of Tren finally launched an attack which officially began the War of Nations. They sent a small force of twenty troops to eliminate a prominent Aurian leader named Pearson Jerolds who had been coordinating anti-Tren rallies across the country.

Upon Pearson's death, enraged Aurian residents began organizing resistance groups to oppose the Tren government. For years after, the Auria resistance groups and Tren deployed small strikes and assassination missions against one another. Finally, Auria announced the formation of their own army named Blaze which spurred full-scale war.

Blaze OfficialsEdit

Sergeant Major Sarge
Staff Sergeant Higgs
Corporal Dawnridge
Sergeant Magileu
Corporal Slash
General Garin
General Duran
Colonel Rento

Tren OfficialsEdit

Commander Tremault
General Barclyss
General Haug
Lieutenant Kail
Corporal Heindrovia
General Shiang
Captain Farrell